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COMEUP 2021 l 17-19 Nov l DDP, Seoul & Online

COMEUP 2020 l Nov 19-21 l Worldwide

  • COMEUP 2020 in Numbers
    • 50,000+ Global Audiences
    • 2,000+ Startups
    • 300+ Investors
    • 110+ Speakers
    • 80+ Countries
  • COMEUP 2020 Highlights
COMEUP has become a genuine startup event with startups, entrepreneurs, and investors from all over the world
“COMEUP has become a genuine startup event with startups, entrepreneurs, and investors from all over the world”
Moon Jae-in
President of the Republic of Korea
Sophie Kim CEO of Kurly
“The event sets a new standard for the global startup community.”
Sophie Kim
CEO of Kurly
Lamia Kamal-Chaoui Director of OECD
“Korea has always embraced the most brightest and ambitious startups that will shape our future."
Lamia Kamal-Chaoui
Director of OECD


Our Speakers from 2021

  • 41_kgh.jpg

    Keunho Kim


    Nov. 18 Thu. 03:00PM-04:00PM (KST)


    Republic of Korea

    Ken Kim is the founder and CEO of RECO that runs Korea’s first and only software-based waste management platform ‘UpBox.’ He graduated from Northwestern University where he studied Industrial Engineering and Economics. With his experience in the finance and software venture field in the US and Korea, Ken started RECO in 2018 to innovate and transform the waste market with technology.
  • 우아한형제들_김용훈 부문장.jpg

    Yong Kim

    Senior Vice President

    Nov 19 Fri 3:00PM-4:00PM (KST)

    Woowa Bros.

    Republic of Korea

    Yong Kim studied Industrial Design at KAIST prior to joining SK Communications and then NCSOFT. He had led the New Business Department at SK Planet before joining Woowa Bros. as CPO. Kim is now Head of New Business Development and is in charge of managing the overall operation of new projects at Woowa Bros. including Baemin Market and Baemin Shopping Live.
  • 82_ktw.jpg

    Taewoo Kim


    Nov. 19 Fri. 03:00PM-04:00PM (KST)


    Republic of Korea

    TaeWoo Kim completed his degree in Mathematical Sciences at KAIST from 2006 to 2010. After finishing an internship at SKTvc in Silicon Valley, Kim started Moglue, an interactive e-book publishing tool, and managed it for 4 years. Later on, he carried on with his career at education content companies including Qualson, Classting, and Ridibooks. Kim started Studypie in hopes of promoting economic freedom through education and received investment from Altos Ventures and Qualson. He is now supporting students at Studypie to complete their courses and attain practical results.
  • 48_ssy.jpg

    Soo-Yong Shin

    Associate Professor

    Nov 18 Thu. 11:30AM-12:30PM (KST)

    Sungkyunkwan University

    Republic of Korea

    Prof. Soo-Yong Shin is Associate Professor of the Department of Digital Health at Sungkyunkwan University. His main research topics include health data standardization, privacy protection, and medical AI. He serves as Vice Director of Samsung Medical Center’s Digital Innovation Center and Director of the Center for Research Resource Standardization, Research Institute for Future Medicine of the same center. He also invests in digital health startups in Korea as a partner of DHP (Digital Healthcare Partners).
  • 5_shs.jpg

    Daniel Hyunsung Shin


    Nov 17 Wed. 11:30AM-12:30PM (KST)

    Chai Corporation

    Republic of Korea

    Daniel Hyunsung Shin is the Founder and CEO of Chai Corporation. Since Chai’s launch, over 3 million users have joined the service, and its annual transaction value has reached 1 trillion won. Chai Corporation managed to secure 70 billion won worth of investment from 13 investment firms in and outside of Korea including Hanwha Investment & Securities, SoftBank Ventures, SK Networks, Hana Financial Group, and Stonebridge Capital. Chai Corporation acquired I’mport to allow easier management of various payment features and related services. Currently, more than 2,200 stores including Nike Korea, Philip Morris Korea, Ohouse, and Millie’s Library are using Chai’s service.
  • 20_lsj.jpg

    Sujin Lee

    CEO & Founder

    Nov 17 Wed. 12:00PM-1:00PM (KST)

    Yanolja Co., LTD

    Republic of Korea

    Sujin Lee founded Yanolja in 2005. In the midst of Yanolja’s stable growth, Lee announced ‘Re-start’ in 2015. Since then, Yanolja has expanded its business portfolio by providing a leisure booking service while adding major hotel brands and automated hotel solutions to its features. After launching its global service in 2018, Yanolja became the first Korean travel brand to earn unicorn status in the following year. Sujin Lee believes that Yanolja has its own DNA for transformation. By observing changes and leading the trend proactively, the company was able to achieve its consistent growth even in the toughest times. Thanks to its endless growth, Yanolja has become a super application that features global accommodation, leisure, transportation, and food/beverage booking services. Yanolja now features IoT, AI, and blockchain technology to secure its crown as the global No.1 cloud-based hospitality solution brand.
  • 75_jjy.jpg

    Jun Young Jung


    Nov. 19 Fri. 11:30AM-12:30AM (KST)


    Republic of Korea

    Jun Young Jung, CEO of NCODE, had a great interest in fashion, especially luxury fashion, from an early age, and started a luxury fashion Ecommerce business with a Italian friend from his undergraduate days and successfully operated it for 3 years. By sourcing and selling about 100 brands directly, he was able to develop an understanding of how the fashion market is distributed and what domestic customers want. After graduating, he gained hands-on experience working as a Marketing Data Analyst at Mavatar Technologies, an e-commerce startup based in Silicon Valley.
  • 77_kns.jpg

    Namsuk Kim

    CEO & Co-founder

    Nov. 19 Fri. 11:30AM-12:00AM (KST)

    Instant Tattoo

    Republic of Korea

    Namsuk Kim is a female CEO and is leading a new wave in the K-beauty industry as the Founder of Instant Tattoo. Before starting Instant Tattoo in 2018, she managed the overall operation of beauty care and e-commerce marketing at the Asian headquarters of P&G, the global no.1 beauty manufacturer. With her wide range of experience in the Asian beauty market, brand marketing, and e-commerce, Kim co-published ‘Commuting to Singapore; On Becoming a Global Professional.’ She actively volunteers as a mentor to help aspiring Asian females search and pursue their dreams.
  • 비욘드엑스_김철민 대표.jpg

    Kevin Kim

    CEO & Prof.

    Nov 19 Fri. 2:30PM-3:00PM (KST)


    Republic of Korea

    Kevin Kim is the author of and the CEO of BEYOND X, a logistics-focused startup accelerator. Kim pays more attention to the change in lifestyle rather than the technological advance in mankind’s history. After closely observing the logistics and its key role in life and food, he addresses the meaning and its position along the way. Before publishing the logistics media ‘CLO’ in 2012, Kim started his career at Hanjin Group’s Business Strategy Division followed by years of experience at World Daily as a reporter at the Industrial Department. He is currently supporting soon-to-be CEOs at Incheon National University as a professor of Innovative Entrepreneurship while serving as a member of the Presidential Committee on the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  • 44_kcw.jpg

    Chiweon Kim


    Nov. 18 Thu. 10:30AM-11:00AM (KST)

    Kakao Ventures

    Republic of Korea

    Chiweon Kim completed his Bachelor of Medicine in Seoul National University before graduating with an MSc from the Graduate School of Public Health at Yonsei University. Kim completed his internal medicine residency and filled a Planning Executive Professor position at Seoul National University Hospital before joining McKinsey & Company as a business consultant. He is currently in charge of operating SeoulWise Convalescent Hospital while serving as a columnist/speaker in the Digital Healthcare sector. Kim is also a partner at Kakao Ventures, supervising the same field.
  • 16_nst.jpg

    Seongtae Nam

    CEO & Founder

    Nov 17 Wed. 10:30AM-11:00AM (KST)


    Republic of Korea

    Seongtae Nam, a Prop-tech Entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor at Konkuk University’s Graduate School of Real Estate Studies, is the Chair of the Prop-tech Committee of the Urban Land Institute in South Korea. Prior to founding his startup that focuses on finance management and mortgage, he has worked extensively throughout Seoul and New York on commercial real estate investment and development. Now, he is a forward-thinking prop-tech evangelist and regular guest speaker at related seminars and conferences, whose interests include the 4th industrial revolution and digital transformation in real estate. Seongtae holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and an MS in Real Estate Development from Columbia University.
  • 35_mjh.jpg

    Jin Hwa Mok


    Nov 18 Thu. 11:30AM-12:30PM (KST)

    Koala Production

    Republic of Korea

    Jin Hwa Mok started his Youtube Channel ‘Seungwoo Daddy’ in 2018 and is now working as an active content creator with more than 1.46 million subscribers.
  • 46_pyh.jpg

    Julia Park

    Head of Channel Innovation

    Nov 18 Thu. 11:00AM-11:30AM (KST)

    LINA Korea

    Republic of Korea

    Julia Park is Head of Channel Innovation at LINA Korea. As Head of Channel Innovation, Julia Park is responsible for developing innovative ways of interacting with customers to address their health needs. Before joining LINA Korea, she was the Director of Strategy and Business Development for Cigna International Market. LINA Korea is a subsidiary of Cigna group focusing on protection and health insurance products and services.
  • 4_pjl.jpg

    Jeong Rim Park

    President & CEO

    Nov 17 Wed. 11:00AM-11:30AM (KST)

    KB Securities

    Republic of Korea

    Jeong Rim Park received a BA and MA in Business Management at Seoul National University and began her career at Chase Bank’s Seoul Office. Later on, she served as Head of Asset Management at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. After joining KB Kookmin Bank, she managed the Wealth Management(WM) Department as Executive Director before moving to the Risk Management Department. Park was Vice President of KB Securities’ WM Department and is now serving as the President and CEO.
  • 39_pjh.jpg

    Jonghyun Park

    Executive Director

    Nov 18 Thu. 2:30PM-3:00PM (KST)

    SK Chemicals

    Republic of Korea

    Jonghyun Park carried out a number of strategic consulting projects at Boston Consulting Group before joining SK. He successfully led projects in various industry sectors including construction, heavy industry, chemical, food business, and more. Park has filled out multiple positions including Strategy Lead, Project Manager, CEO of SK Petrochemical, and is now serving as Executive Director at SK Chemical.
  • 32_ssh.jpg

    Sang-hoon Shin


    Nov 18 Thu. 11:00AM-11:30AM (KST)


    Republic of Korea

    Sanghoon Shin, CEO of Greenlabs has been managing IT tech startups since joining RidiBooks—Korea's No. 1 e-book platform—as a founding member and investor. In 2014, he launched Korea's No.1 dating service Amanda. Shin established a digital agriculture platform Greenlabs in 2017 and is now running ‘Farm Morning’ to bring about digital transformation in the Korean agriculture scene.
  • 70_ajh.jpg

    Junhan Ahn


    Nov 19 Fri 3:00PM-4:00PM (KST)


    Republic of Korea

    Junhan Ahn is a renowned China specialist. He graduated from Daegu Science High School in only 2 years and studied Industrial & Systems Engineering at KAIST. Tired of working as a company expat, Ahn moved on to the startup scene and co-founded a big data energy solution company Encored Technologies. Back in 2016, in the early days of VR technology, he sold his VR platform company to China's biggest VR platform 87870 and was recruited as the COO. As a VR specialist, he served as a consultant at Korea Mobile Game Association and Global V-Startup. He aimed to break China’s stiff and indifferent attitude toward Korean content and ended up founding adoba, Korea’s one and only creator content platform for the Chinese market. He is now helping Korean/global creators to enter the Chinese market by successfully laying the foundation for their entry.
  • 72_lws.jpg

    Woosuk Lee


    Nov. 19 Fri. 10:30AM-11:00AM (KST)


    Republic of Korea

    Studied computer engineering in SNU. While in school, founded a startup company which provided offline foot-traffic based marketing tool for local stores. Worked at Kakao Taxi after graduation, participated in building backbone structure for the ride connecting service. Experienced small but numerous trial, error and success from small startup and market dominating company. Based on insights gained from these careers, founded a new startup and created SwatchOn, fabric sourcing platform for fashion brands around the globe.
  • 65_ljh.jpg

    Jonghoon Lee

    CIO (Head of Investment)

    Nov 19 Fri. 2:00PM-2:30PM (KST)

    Lotte Ventures

    Republic of Korea

    Jonghoon Lee, the Managing Director and CIO, is in charge of investment at Lotte Ventures, a corporate venture capital (CVC) that serves as Lotte Group's Open Innovation Hub. He has about 15 years of venture capital investment experience including a venture capitalist and a full-time professorship at Kookmin University's Graduate School of Entrepreneurship.
  • 74_lhj.jpg

    Hunjoo Lee


    Nov 19 Fri. 11:00AM-11:30AM (KST)


    Republic of Korea

    Hunjoo Lee, CEO of DMIL started and managed a lecture-education company ‘StoryStage’ for 4 years before joining a beauty/fashion commerce app ‘Surprise’ as a business development manager. Lee started DMIL in 2017 as an individual business and is still in charge as the CEO. DMIL is now a major beauty MCN in Korea.
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