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Flow Optimization: Factories, Logistics Facilities and People
Date 2020-11-20 Time 15:20 ~ 16:00

[Moderator : Ji Yong Um]

[Panelist :Tae Young Jeong, Byung Soo Kim, Yoon Haeng Lee]



▶ Ji Yong Um : Ji Yong Um is a reporter for Byline Network, a media platform that specializes in IT. He majored in Global Logistics at Inha University and went on to work at CLO, a media platform that specializes in logistics and supply chain management. At CLO, he covered the logistics ecosystem as Contents Team Leader. Currently at Byline Network, Ji Yong reports stories on how technology solves pain points of the logistics/distribution network. He has advised companies such as LG Electronics, SK Innovation, Korea Post, Korea Labor Institute, Busan Development Institute on logistics and e-commerce issues. He also has lectured at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Incheon Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, Foundation of Korea Logistics Industry Promotion, Korea Integrated Logistics Association, Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation, Donga University, Inha University, Incheon University and many more.



▶ Byung Soo Kim : Byung Soo Kim is the CEO and a founder of Motion2AI, headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Before founding Motion2AI, he had worked for Zippy (acquired by GM Cruise), autonomous last-mile delivery robot company, and also had worked for DAQRI, AR headset company for industrial space. He covered broad topics in computer vision perception and SLAM. He earned his PhD/M.S. in computer vision from University of Michigan in 2013, and B.S. from KAIST in 2008. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford in 2013, and interned at Microsoft Research in 2013. 


▶ Yoon Haeng Lee : Dr. Yoon Haeng Lee is the CEO/Co-Founder of AIDIN ROBOTICS, specialized in sensing/control technology in Human-Robot Interaction(HRI). Increasing demand and awareness in HRI, he founded the company with Professor Hyouk Ryeol Choi of Sungkyunkwan University. The primary targeting market of AIDIN ROBOTICS is the sensors for the robotic applications, from force/torque sensors for the delicate and sensitive operation to proximity/contact sensors for collision avoidance. The company is also commercializing the AiDIN series, autonomous quadruped robots. Quadruped robots are a fast-growing industry robot platform, applicable for various missions such as shipping, observation, surveillance. 


▶ Tae Young Jeong : Tae Young Jeong, CEO of PLAIF, was a member of KEBA Korea(of KEBA Group). He started his career as an application engineer and went on to positions such as team leader, PM within his 8 years of field experience. He has much understanding in robots and mass production. Approximately 10 years ago, he started a study group(with his current colleagues) to study AI and enter in many robot contests. Tae Young started an industrial and cooperating AI/robot startup in April 2020.


* The above schedule is subject to change depending on the circumstances.

Speaker & Attendee

  • Ji Yong Um

    Reporter of Byline Network

  • Byung Soo Kim

    CEO of Motion2AI

  • Yoon Haeng Lee


  • Tae Young Jeong

    CEO of PLAIF

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