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Main Conference Panel Discussion e-Commerce in the Post COVID Era
Date 2020-11-21 Time 14:40 ~ 15:20

[Moderator : Yeon Hee Kim]

[Panelist : Hanna Kim, Sang Hyun Ju, Jung Min Seo]



▶ Yeon Hee Kim : Yeon Hee Kim is a senior partner at the Boston Consulting Group Seoul office. She was elected to Partnership in January of 2002, and to Director in January of 2009, making her the first female partner and director in a global consulting firm in South Korea. Ms. Kim has over 29 years of consulting experience in transformation and change management, organization, and leadership design. She has extensive transformation consulting experience in the fields of consumer products, retail, banking, credit cards, and digital. She has led several multi-year large-scale transformation projects. Ms. Kim is a frequently-featured columnist and advisor in the business press and in seminars, on the topics of consumer products, marketing, talent management, and growth strategy. Prior to joining Bain, she worked as a consultant for Anderson Consulting. She holds both a bachelor's and a master's degree from the Seoul National University Business School.



▶ Hanna Kim : Hanna Kim is currently CEO of Korea's first live commerce platform Grip. Before founding Grip, she as marketing director at Naver Snow, focused on growth and impact. She is highly accomplished with reaching 200 million users in aggressive, fast-paced and competitive global environment. Also driven Jam Live, the no.1 streaming quiz show with approaching to 230,000 connect concurrent users. Prior to joining Naver, she was an executive of global marketing and business development at Bluebird, no.1 rugged mobile in Korea.


▶ Jung Min Seo : Jung Min Seo, CEO of Brandi, started online design platform, Vaimicom in 2007. He sold the company in 2013 to ISE Commerce, an online fashion retail business which manages overseas purchasing agency ‘WISWID’ and ‘W Concept.’ As Overseas President of ISE, he was in charge of market strategy. He went on to found fashion e-commerce platform Brandi in 2014. He also launched women shopping application ‘Brandi’ in 2016, shopping mall startup assistance service ‘Helpi’ in 2018, and men shopping application ‘Hiver’ in 2018. Brandi partnered with ‘Shandong Hands Good People E-Business Company’(fashion company within TaoBao) to start its Chinese business in 2018. Brandi went on to open pop-up store ‘Shibuya 109’ in Tokyo. In 2020, Brandi was the first in the fashion industry to establish a fulfillment center(Dongdaemun FulFillment Center) of 7,200 square meters. It also was the first company to launch overnight shipping(delivered within 12 hours) by using a big data-based demand forecasting algorithm. Jung Min has been leading the fashion e-commerce sector with online B2B2C and has completed a Dongdaemun-based fashion supply chain. 


▶ Sang Hyun Ju : Sang Hyun Ju, CEO of Yam Table, grew up in Tongyeong, a city rich in fishery products. Being born in a family that was involved in the fishing industry, he went on to spend his 20s in offline retail of fishery products. He started his own wholesale business while earning a Suhyub broker certification to sell fishery products wholesale. As online commerce was on a rapid rise in the late 2000s, he took his business online. He pivoted to online commerce in 2013 by taking pictures of his products, studying Photoshop, making product descriptions and registering on Naver Smart Farm. As fishery products posted more than five billion won in online sales, Sang Hyun found a future in online commerce. He launched Yam Table after merging with an online company. Yam Table raised investment in pre-Series A and sales increased to 10 billion won in 2018. In 2019, Yam Table raised investment in Series A and sales tripled to 3.2 billion won. Yam Table is now the top business in online commerce of fishery products.


* The above schedule is subject to change depending on the circumstances.

Speaker & Attendee

  • Yeon Hee Kim

    Senior Partner of Boston Consulting Group

  • Hanna Kim

    CEO of Grip

  • Jung Min Seo

    CEO of Brandi

  • Sang Hyun Ju

    CEO of Yam Table

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