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Open Innovation: How Big Enterprises Collaborate with the Startup Ecosystem
Date 2020-11-20 Time 11:20 ~ 12:00

[Moderator : Young Hoon Park ] 

[Panelist : Sang Hwan Yang, Cong-Thang Huynh, Dong Heon Shinn]



▶ Young Hoon Park : Young Hoon Park is leading investment and new business development at GS Shop, a Korean retail company, part of GS Group. He is managing 300M USD AUM with more than 600 portfolios, mobile tech, data analytics, AI and digital marketing, synthetic bioiology, blockchain and fin tech. These days he is focusing to build an eco-system with partners to design and drive digital transformation of the company in core businesses.



▶ Sang Hwan Yang : Sang Hwan is currently supporting technology startups grow as Naver's D2 Startup Factory leader. In the early 2000s, he led the mobile content business team at mobile startup Mbiznetworks (now, Celltrion Pharm). After joining NHN, he led the core game publishing team at Hangame and experienced the whole process of finding, nurturing and commercializing game IPs. Before D2SF, he led ecosystem projects for corporate sustainability at Naver.


▶ Cong-Thang Huynh : Cong-Thang Huynh is an entrepreneur from Vietnam who has influence startup, innovation in ASEAN especially Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and Chile. He is the Co-Founder & CEO at InnoLab Asia (the implementation partner of Open Innovation Vietnam initiative from the Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology for Open Innovation and Innovation in Vietnam and South East Asia). Over 10 years experienced, Thang is engaging and consulting actors in several industries, including start-up mentoring. With high communication and leadership skills, he is also leading young Vietnamese communities from various backgrounds: Education, IT, Innovation, Business & Marketing.


▶ Dong Heon Shinn : Dong Heon Shinn  is currently working on ICT-based new business development and open innovation with domestic and foreign startups at LG Corporation's solution division, creating a new role for startups in global scale-up. Before working for LG Corporation, he served as a business development officer for a U.S. mobile communication solution company, a research institute for large Korean companies, an executive of artificial intelligence startup business development, and a director of planning division of the Sportainment midsize group, and is an expert in business development who has been familiar with technology and market trends for more than 20 years.


* The above schedule is subject to change depending on the circumstances.

Speaker & Attendee

  • Young Hoon Park

    Executive Vice President of GS HomeShopping

  • Sang Hwan Yang

    Leader of Naver

  • Cong-Thang Huynh

    CEO/Co-Founder of Innolab Asia

  • Alex Shin

    Director of LG International Corp

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