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Augmenting Offline with Robot and AI
행사일자 2020-11-20 행사시간 12:00 ~ 12:40

[Moderator : Sung Jae Hwang]

[Panelist : Jin Hyo Kim, Andrew Lee, Jong Hoon Park]



▶ Sung Jae Hwang : Sung Jae Hwang(Dr.) is a serial entrepreneur, investor and inventor. He is the founder of LOUNGE LAB, a retail-tech startup that innovates the offline industry by using cutting-edge technologies such as robotics and AI. Prior to this company, he founded several startups. He was a co-founder and partner of Futureplay, a top-tier startup accelerator in South Korea. He served as Chief Product Officer at Fluenty Inc., an AI chatbot startup that was acquired by Samsung Electronics in 2017. He was a co-founder and a main inventor at Pium Labs Inc., a Newyork based IoT startup that is innovating a scent diffuser. He has published more than 30 papers and field more than 300 patents that introduce novel input techniques for future devices. Several of these inventions have been transferred to top global companies, non-practicing entities and startups. At present, more than 30 entities hold his patents and use them in their services and products. He has won numerous awards, including the IP Technology Award (2010), the Creative Invention Award (2011) and the IAM world's leading IP strategists 300 (2016). He is also an angel investor and an adviser to various tech start-ups.



▶ Jin Hyo Kim : Jin Hyo Kim, CEO of Dogugonggan, received a B.S. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Yonsei University and went to work as a OLED product engineer at LG Display. After LG Display, he went back to his alma mater and majored in Integrated Technology. During course work, he founded OPEN Choice based on his research and development know-how. After receiving his PhD, he founded Dogugonggan and is developing autonomous robots.


▶ Jong Hoon Park : Jong Hoon Park, an active expert in robot control area in industry, research, as well as academy during two decades, developed a series of industrial collaborative robots (cobots) named ‘Indy’ based on innovative robot control algorithms and software since he founded Neuromeka in 2013. In particular, Neuromeka contributed to productivity improvement in domestic SMEs with technologies necessary for economic and effective cobot-based automation for SMEs subject to ‘variable-volume, high-mix production’ mode required for 4th industrial Revolution era. Recently, he has been preparing for service industries in the coming New Normal age since COVID-19, as Neuromeka developed and applied a new concept of cobot-based cooking-automation systems.


▶ Andrew Lee : Andrew Lee, CEO of Neubility, majored in Astronomy at Yonsei University. He has conducted research on developing micro satellites and payload imaging instruments. He won a grand prize at NASA aerospace innovation contest by re-designing space toilets. With this experience, Andrew transferred the patent. In addition, he took second place in NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest and third place in NASA Centennial Challenge. With his 6 years of experience as developer, he currently serves as CEO of Neubility, a company that develops autonomous software for last mile Robotics. 


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Speaker & Attendee

  • Sung Jae Hwang

    CEO of LoungeLab

  • Jin Hyo Kim

    CEO of Dogugonggan

  • Jong Hoon Park

    CEO of Neuromeka

  • Andrew Lee

    CEO of Neubility