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New Media Moving Beyond Portal and Social Media
행사일자 2020-11-21 행사시간 12:00 ~ 12:40

[Moderator : Tae Yong Kim] 

[Panelist : Su Ji Lee, Will Ryu, Da Eun Bhin]



▶ Tae Yong Kim : Tae Yong Kim runs EO, Korea’s number one media on entrepreneurship and startups. The company started as a one man business and reached 5 million views with an interview on FAANG(a Silicon Valley startup). The Channel usually interviews Korean startup founders but its recent interviews include Silicon Valley based Notion and South East Asian startups. With these movements EO is developing into an Asian based startup media platform.



▶ Da Eun Bhin : Da Eun studied Ethics Education and Business Management at Seoul National University. She interned for social venture firm HGI and media startup PUBLY. She co-founded NEWNEEK in July, 2018. 


▶ Will Ryu : Will Ryu is a software engineer, an author, an open-source project owner, a working father, and an entrepreneur. Hohyon worked at Twitter for three years, where he published open-korean-text, an open-source Korean text processor. He also worked at Airbnb for four years designing and building Airbnb's payout system. Having closely investigated the culture of Silicon Valley companies, he created the concept of 'Role-driven Organization' and 'Rank-driven Organization.' He authored two books about Silicon Valley culture: Silicon Valley Illustrated (2018) and Self-motivated Professionals make the Best Company (2019). Based on his understanding of Silicon Valley companies' organizational decision-making process, he came up with a social data platform for collecting diverse opinions for social/political issues and founded a startup named OXOpolitics.


▶ Su Ji Lee : Su Ji Lee, CEO of Thingsflow, formerly worked at Weddingbook where she designed and managed the company’s application. She led the digitalization of the South Korean Wedding Industry by running a platform that was packed with reviews from brides themselves. Before Weddingbook, she was the CEO of IT service offer startup HOIT. While at this job, Su Ji released applications such as 밥은 먹고 다니냐, 커플리.


* The above schedule is subject to change depending on the circumstances.

Speaker & Attendee

  • Tae Yong Kim

    CEO of EO Studio

  • Da Eun Bhin


  • Will Ryu

    CEO of OXOpolitics

  • Su Ji Lee

    CEO of Thingsflow