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e-Commerce End Game?
행사일자 2020-11-21 행사시간 14:00 ~ 14:40



▶ Yeon Hee Kim : Yeon Hee Kim is a senior partner at the Boston Consulting Group Seoul office. She was elected to Partnership in January of 2002, and to Director in January of 2009, making her the first female partner and director in a global consulting firm in South Korea. Ms. Kim has over 29 years of consulting experience in transformation and change management, organization, and leadership design. She has extensive transformation consulting experience in the fields of consumer products, retail, banking, credit cards, and digital. She has led several multi-year large-scale transformation projects. Ms. Kim is a frequently-featured columnist and advisor in the business press and in seminars, on the topics of consumer products, marketing, talent management, and growth strategy. Prior to joining Bain, she worked as a consultant for Anderson Consulting. She holds both a bachelor's and a master's degree from the Seoul National University Business School.


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  • Yeon Hee Kim

    Senior Partner of Boston Consulting Group