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The True Role of EdTech Startups in the Post COVID-19 Era
행사일자 2020-11-21 행사시간 11:20 ~ 12:00

[Moderator : Young Jun Jang]

[Panelist :Soo Inn Lee, Seo Jung Chang, Dave Cho]



▶ Young Jun Jang : Young Jun Jang is co-founder and CEO of Riiid, a leading AI-driven EdTech start-up based in Korea. He co-founded the firm in 2014 to deliver creative disruption to the education market through cutting-edge AI technology. At Riiid, Jang manages corporate direction and overall strategy, leading investor communications to share the firm’s vision and business strategy. In 2017, Riiid launched Santa, a mobile test prep application for the popular English proficiency exam, TOEIC. Quickly embraced by more than one million students, Santa almost overnight reached No. 1 in sales among education apps in Japan and Korea. Jang graduated from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.



▶ Sooinn Lee : Sooinn Lee is co-founder and CEO of Enuma, an education technology company with offices in Berkeley, Seoul, and Beijing. She designs exceptional learning apps that empower ALL children — including those with special needs or without access to resources — to become independent learners. Recently, Sooinn led her team in the creation of Kitkit School, a comprehensive math and literacy learning suite for children in developing countries, which went on to win the Global Learning XPRIZE competition. On the commercial side, her team created the award-winning and chart-topping Todo Math, which has more than 7 million downloads worldwide; and Todo English, innovating the way young children receive English as Second language learning education in East Asia. Sooinn was named a Schwab Foundation's Social Entrepreneur of the year (2020) and Ashoka Fellow (2017) for her ongoing work in bringing accessible, quality education solutions to children around the world.


▶ Seo Jung Chang : Seo Jung Chang graduated college with a degree in Visual Communication Design and went on to work at Motorola Korea and Cheil. She was in charge of UX design at Motorola and and took lead in mobile advertisement business development at Cheil.. Using this background, she started to design a service that could solve the problems she encountered. She launched a visiting tutor matching service ‘Jaranda’ to help children learn or play while their parents were at work. The service uses age, tendency, interest data to provide children(from age 4 to 13) with private tutors that teach art, english, math, and more. Unlike the past when tutors had to be introduced privately, Seo Jung applies big data to verify tutors and match them with children in need.


▶ Dave Cho : Dave Cho founded Classting in 2013 based on his experience as a public school teacher. It was the first online class platform in Korea. Classting combines the strengths of social media and LMS (learning management system) to help teachers teach multiple students more effectively. More than 6.5 million teachers, students, and parents are using the service as of 2020. The company is developing individualized EdTech services using continuously accumulated big data from elementary education to lifelong education. Dave received a master’s degree in computer education from Seoul National Univ`ersity of Education, and was selected as a “2020 Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum for the first in the education sector in the country.

Speaker & Attendee

  • Young Jun Jang

    CEO of Riiid

  • Sooinn Lee

    CEO of Enuma

  • Seo Jung Chang

    CEO of Jaranda

  • Dave Cho

    CEO of Classting