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Special Event Seminar (Special Event) Youth BizCool Festival
행사일자 2020-11-21 행사시간 10:40 ~ 13:10

[Bizcool festival opening ceremony]

▶ The BizCool Festival, a youth entrepreneurship festival, marks its 14th year. This event is called 'Up with Online! Under the theme "Value UP!" we want to connect schools and teenagers through online non-face-to-face channels.

  Therefore, the opening ceremony will be held to promote BizCool and to announce the start of BizCool Festival by hosting programs such as the purpose of the Bizcool Festival, introduction of BizCool, commendation of merit and excellent teachers, and ceremony to announce the start of the BizCool Festival. 


[The world of together bizCool makers]

▶ BizCool is a youth entrepreneurship project that began in 2002 and has supported various entrepreneurship activities such as start-up clubs and hands-on activities.

 Among them, maker activities are important to realize the ideas of teenagers. The program aims to create an experience kit with Park Jong-pil, chairman of the National BizCool Teachers' Association, and support youth's maker activities

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